Certification Levels

Participants in our instructional opportunities often take a variety of classes according to their interest in given areas of photography. This is not only appropriate but a great way to grow one’s skills in an area of interest. A second step through the learning process is gaining a broader perspective on all areas of photography and in the particular skills and camera functions that are used in a given area. In order to set some goals for students who want to broaden their knowledge and skills, we have created Certification Levels. These certificates recognize that a student who participates in the prescribed classes has learned a variety of techniques, camera operation skills, and is overall better prepared to capture all kinds of photographic subjects.

Below is a list of these Certification Levels with the specific classes that would need to be taken to meet the requirements. When each level is completed, the student receives a Certificate of Achievement to recognize not only their accomplishment but to acknowledge a positive direction in the learning process. In addition, each certificate will also come with a $60 learning credit for future classes, trips, or individual instruction.

Another benefit of gaining certifications is that they are a necessary element of becoming an Intern with our photography company, The Professional Photography Group (www.TheProPhotoGroup.com).  Any student completing Level 1 is invited to be considered for our 6-month internship program.

Level 1 Certification

  • Digital Photography Bootcamp
  • Flash 1
  • Sports 1
  • Composition 1
  • Event or Wedding Photography*
  • Next Level: Part 1

Level 2 Certification

  • Studio Portraiture or Outdoor Portraiture
  • Composition 2*
  • Flash 2
  • Sports 2
  • Macro
  • Available Light or M Mode*
  • Next Level: Part 2

Level 3 Certification

  • Post-Processing and Editing Critique*
  • Thinking Like a Pro
  • Business of Photography
  • Wireless Flash
  • Portfolio Review
  • Next Level: Part 3
  • One Photo Expedition

* Changes made as of January 2019