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NEW – Photography Bootcamp available by recording!

Our Photography Bootcamp is our foundational, starter-level class for almost all of our students where we teach the basic controls of an interchangeable lens camera, photography concepts such as aperture, shutter speed and ISO as well as much more (including autofocus options, getting the correct exposure and color, etc.) While this class is offered once a month in person, we now have an On-Demand Recording of the session that is available for purchase. It comes with PDFs of all the student outline notes as well as a printable Killer Checklist card of the main camera settings that are covered in the class session. In addition, if you ever want to take the class In-person at a later time as a refresher, you will be able to do so at no cost!

The cost is $149 and you can purchase the recording and materials by clicking the Book button below.

Photography Bootcamp Recording

On-Demand Class Recordings are available for almost all of the over 35 class topics we have offered virtually in the past

We offer a large selection of On-Demand Class Recordings if you missed a class when it was previously offered or if you just want to go ahead and learn more about the specific photographic topic now. These recordings are $60 (a couple of topics are two sessions and would need to be purchased separately)

It is as easy as using the Book button below to pay for the class you want (make sure to put the class title in the registration information). We will send you a link to the class recording as well as PDF’s of the presentation outline, checklist card or any other documents that are included in the class you choose. The class recording link does not expire so this allows you to watch the material at your convenience.

In keeping with our policy that allows students to retake any class at no cost, any participant in our On-Demand classes will have the option of attending the live version of the same class at a later time for free.

Online Class Recording
Photography Equipment – What you need to know! – Virtual Online Class 7:00pm-9:30pm

You can also view our Individual Instruction Offerings which are available in-person or virtually.

What our students are saying about our Online Interactive Classes via Zoom and Virtual On-Demand Class Recordings:

I have attended several online classes from The Photo Classroom and they have all exceeded my expectations.  The instruction is great and professionally delivered.  One of the best features is the recording.  I was able to play recording at my own pace which helped me to better digest the information. – Steven

During the past few years, I’ve participated in a wide variety of “in person” classes offered by The Photo Classroom.  All have been extremely educational and very helpful with my photography and editing skills and results.  With the COVID-19 Virus concerns that accompanied 2020 The Photo Classroom began offering virtual photography classes.  I initially thought that there might be some reduction in class interactions both with the class instructors and other class participants.  To my delight, the quality of education and interaction process continues to be on par with prior in-person classroom training.  Brian’s energy, knowledge, teaching skills and enthusiasm continued to be as high as ever.   What is different is that, following each class, a video replay of the class is being made available free of charge for follow up review and studies. Another benefit of the virtual classes is that they are available even if my travel or personal schedule interferes with scheduled classes.  And as one additional benefit The Photo Classroom offers future repeats of a class taken at no additional charge.  I would hope that once in-person classes become available in the future, virtual classes would continue to be offered as an option.  I couldn’t ask for or imagine better training and support with my photography activities than that being offered by The Photo Classroom. – Rich