Bald Eagles on the James River (Richmond, VA)

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​​Cost $650 ($350 for guest)

​​​​This is your chance to photograph bald eagles, osprey (including feeding), blue herons and more.  Please note that this expedition takes place near Richmond, VA which is about 5 hours from Charlotte and transportation is on your own.  We will meet at the Courtyard Marriott in Chester, VA on the day before our boat tour the next morning.  We will leave the hotel the next morning around sunrise to the location where we get on our boat tour.  The tour will be from 7-10 am and is limited to 4 participants plus the instructor and the captain who will get us to various wildlife, set us up to get images of the birds diving in for food and many other shooting opportunities.  After the tour, we can check out of our hotel and have lunch together (included) before everyone departs for home.

Cost includes the boat tour fee, overnight lodging (for the night before the tour), all meals, and instruction. Minimum 2 participants, maximum 4 per day.

Horse Racing Photography on the day before the Eagle Boat Tour – July 18-19th (2 spots open), July 19th-20th (2 spots open) – You may want to book an extra night at the hotel as we will need to meet on the first day at Noon

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Bald Eagles in Autumn – Nov. 1st-2nd (4 spots left), Nov. 2nd-3rd (FULL) This is an option like the summer trips but with the chance to capture the eagles with fall colors behind them. Please note there are no Osprey (only Eagles) at this time of year so some experience photographing birds in flight would be helpful.

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