Florida Birds Expedition

April 14-17, 2024

Cost: $2600 ($1300 Guest/Spouse)

This outing which we have not been able to offer in years, will take us to warm Florida for a variety of birding and photography opportunities. The itinerary (weather permitting) should include admission and two or more sessions at The Alligator Farm where a huge bird rookery will provide ample herons, spoonbills, wood stork, and more. Beyond an evening and morning session at the rookery, we will also do a sunrise at the pier near our hotel, scout some nature preserves for some more wildlife, and explore architecture photography of historic St. Augustine. We will leave Charlotte on Sunday morning, April 14th to head on the 7-hour journey to the FL coast. Monday and Tuesday will be full of shooting. Wednesday morning we will head back to Charlotte. Three nights accommodations as well as meals, entrance fees, and any tour costs as well as all instruction are included in the pricing. Minimum 3 participants, maximum 6

Expedition – FL Birds