Henry River Mill Village at Night (Hickory, NC)

Saturday, October 7, 5:30-9:30pm (FULL)

Cost: $200

Join us for this great outing to not only photograph the mill village on the Henry River but to have the unique opportunity to do so at night. Just off the interstate past Hickory, NC, is a glimpse into life of the old days as well as an opportunity to capture building images. Known as the District 12 of the Hunger Games movie, you will get to photograph the exteriors of many mill houses from the outside and then the interior of one building as well all in the evening light. What is even more unique though about this Expedition offering is that we have specifically designed this time to happen partially at night so we can learn and do light painting. By using various light sources and a long time exposures, participants will experience and photograph all the creativity that comes from working with light at night. All the light painting tools and work will be provided so that students can spend their time just capturing images.

This year we will limit the group to 6 participants and spend a larger percentage of our time photographing after sunset. This will allow even greater lighting opportunities and space for everyone to get a variety of angles, etc.

We will meet there in our own vehicles. The cost is $200 and this includes private admission so that we have the place to ourselves. Minimum 4, Maximum 6 participants will make this a small size group so that our instructors can help you for the entire shoot.

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