My most memorable images of 2019

Tilt-Shift Lens on Steriods

Nikon D610 camera with Nikon 24mm PC Tilt/shift lens Manual mode, 1/500th shutter speed, F11 at ISO 400.

Late last year, I purchased a tilt-shift lens. This rare specialty lens allows for the correction of distortion, primarily in architecture photography. One of my goals at the beginning of this year was to get my money out of this lens and to explore all the possibilities with it. This client shoot down at Myrtle Beach, SC was significant because the only way to get these exterior images was with the tilt/shift lens. I have gone on to use the same lens all year long in all kinds of photography well beyond architecture but this was the first “have to have this to get what the client wants” opportunity and it was a great one. Jeff Owen, my longtime friend and photography partner, helped me with this shoot. We did the whole shoot in 24 hours and that included over 12 different sleeping room types, all the public spaces, exteriors at dusk and more. It was by far the largest hotel shoot we have ever done and was awesome project.

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