Today's Photo Minute

Camera equipment to get close

The Concept:

In Today’s Photo Minute, Brian Osborne talks about the easy ways to start exploring close-up (Macro) photography with your existing lenses and what to consider in that process. Learn about the minimum focusing distance ability of your lenses and how this can be improved with some economical accessories.

The Assignment:

In order not to miss fleeting close-up opportunities, we suggest you look up the minimum focusing distance of your lens or lenses you hope to do some macro work with. The other option is to try it out for yourself to determine the ability of each lens. Simply get closer and closer to a subject with one lens on your camera and see at what point the camera can no longer focus.

If you have one of the accessories mentioned in the video like close-up filters or extension tubes, put those on the same lens and see how much closer you can get when this is in operation. Being familiar with the minimum focusing distance of any lens can be extremely useful in the field shooting (i.e. flowers outside, aquariums, butterflies or insects, museum displays behind glass, etc.)

Nikon D7200 with Sigma 150mm Macro lens. Aperture Priority mode at F20, 1/100th shutter speed, ISO 360. AFS focusing and single point area mode. No exposure compensation and 4760K white balance.