My most memorable images of 2019

Motion Blur at the Outer Banks

Nikon D7200 with Sigma 17-70mm lens Aperture priority mode, 1/2 sec. shutter speed, f18 at ISO 100. -1.3 exposure comp.

In early March, I attended the Annual Meeting for Carolina Nature Photographers Association (CNPA) for the first time. Beyond winning the Small Stuff category in their Member’s Choice contest, the other highlight of the weekend was just being reminded that sometimes choosing shutter speeds that cause some blur of motion (but not all) is OK. I tend to see motion as needing to be either frozen completely (fast shutter speed) or blurring completely (slow shutter speed) but in this situation and many other examples throughout the rest of the year, I started thinking about using medium shutter speeds to show some blur. This image was after a major storm the night before on our Outer Banks Expedition in April and one of the participants, gave me this idea to show some motion.

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