Maine Wildlife Expedition (Puffins and Moose)

June 12-19, 2021

Cost $3300 (Guest/Spouse $2000) – (Sold Out – Email for waitlist)

This new expedition to Maine will feature incredible wildlife opportunities photographing moose and puffins as well as landscape and scenery. All participants will need to arrive on their flights by noon or just after that at the Portland airport on Saturday, June 12th so we can catch a lighthouse at sunset that night. The next day we will head out to the north inland to Moosehead lake where we will have a private moose tour that evening as well as the next one. During this time of year, we will be able to photograph both the adult moose as they interact with the calves. On the next morning, we will take in other wildlife and scenic sights such as lake scenes, loon, etc. On Tuesday the 15th we will head out to make the trip to the far northern coastline near Cutler. We should be able to capture a lighthouse or two. The next morning, we will go on a semi private boat tour to the premier puffin location on Machias Seal Island. Our limited size group will be able to shoot the lighthouse on that island as well as have 2-3 hours in blinds that will put us within feet of puffins both on the rocks, in flight, etc. We will then drive down the majority of the Maine coast to the highlight of our regular Maine trip, Pemaquid Point Lighthouse were we will spend two nights at Hotel Pemaquid. This will provide us a day and a half to photograph the lighthouse, the beautiful harbor as well as do a sunset puffin boat tour to Mohegan Island. Friday the 18th we will depart back to Portland and likely take in the Maine Coastal Botanical Garden which was a highlight of our previous coastal tour. It is suggested that all return flights to Charlotte be made for anytime on Saturday, June 19th. Cost includes ground transportation from Portland, 6 nights private accommodations, all meals and instruction as well as admission and tour fees, etc.. Airline travel to and from Portland, Maine is the participant’s responsibility. A reduced price of $2000 will be available for a spouse or guest rooming with the registrant.

Expedition – Elk (GSMNP/Cherokee, NC)

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