Today's Photo Minute

Shoot and Share – Black & White and Sunlight

The Concept:

It is time for a weekend edition of Today’s Photo Minute with “Shoot and Share”. We have some more fun challenges to encourage all of us to get out and do some photography as well as share our images with each other.

The Assignment:

Challenge 1: Black and White – Black and white photos are always classic and popular. This challenge is open to any subject matter but will give us the creativity to see what neat images we can create that look great in black and white. Remember to look and or edit your images so that you have a good contrast range with a deep black tone in the photo and a nice white tone as well.

Challenge 2: Sunlight – Given our weather this week, I figured this would be an appropriate challenge to see what the theme of sunlight means to you.

When you get your images ready by late on Sunday, please share those with the rest of us who are participating as well. If you are on Facebook, please post them as a comment to this particular post. If you are not on Facebook, feel free to email your entries to and I will be glad to post them