Today's Photo Minute

The Must-have equipment for travel and landscape photography

The Concept:

In Today’s Photo Minute, Brian Osborne details the main items of camera equipment that you should consider for any travel or landscape photography adventure. While this can vary greatly based of your itinerary of photo opportunities, the amount of gear you can physically carry and what you own; having the key components he will discuss gives you an excellent chance of capturing a wide variety of images.

The Assignment:

Before your next photography outing, make a list of the items of gear (camera, lenses, filters, tripod, flash, batteries, memory cards, etc.) that you will need for a successful experience. Figure out not only how you will transport this gear from point A to point B but also how you will carry it around when you are at your location. Thinking about this ahead of time will undoubtedly make you consider what is most important to bring and lessen the chance that something is left at home. If you are going on an extended trip and will be doing what we talk about in the Travel and Landscape Photography class which is carrying two bags on the airplane with you (one that would go in the overhead and one that goes under the seat), list which items should be stored in each bag. Remember that I want all of my must-have equipment in the bag that goes under the seat and then secondary equipment in the roller that goes into the overhead in case the larger bag has to be gate-checked.

Other Resources:

  • If you missed our Travel and Landscape Photography Virtual class, you can email me and purchase a recording of the class as well as all the printable materials that came along with it
  • Many years ago I wrote a blog post called, “Reflections of a Pro Photographer turned Tourist Dad” where I described the equipment and challenges of traveling with family and yet capturing important images. You can download it by clicking here
  • All of the bags I use for my gear are made by Think Tank Photo. From their rollers to their unique modular system, they make excellent products that I will only trust my camera equipment in. On the Resources page of our website, you can check out helpful documents including our Equipment Recommendation List and Modular Belt System documents describing some of specific Think Tank Photo products we use and why.