Today's Photo Minute

Shoot and Share – Architecture and Small Stuff

The Concept:

In this Weekend Edition of Today’s Photo Minute, “Shoot and Share” Brian Osborne gives two challenges to go out and shoot as well as share our favorite images with others. The purpose of this is to not only get the camera in our hands but help us to look creatively for things around us that can be made into awesome photographs.

The Assignment:

Challenge 1: Architecture – Find a structure, building, house, etc. and practice your architecture photography. This challenge does not have to include a whole building but might be just a piece of it like an interesting window, door frame or similar.

Challenge 2: Small Stuff – This could be an insect, flower, still life or any number of other subject matters that you think would fit “small stuff” Practice your close-up photography skills and make sure to get the amount of depth of field that you want in the final image (remember the closer you get to a subject the less depth of field you will have so you may want a higher aperture).

When you get your images ready by late on Sunday, please share those with the rest of us who are participating as well. If you are on Facebook, please post them as a comment to this particular post. If you are not on Facebook, feel free to email your entries to and I will be glad to post them