Today's Photo Minute

Shoot and Share – Fill flash and Shadows

The Concept:

This is our second Shoot and Share which is our weekend edition of Today’s Photo Minute. The purpose of this is to encourage all of us to get out with our cameras, do some shooting and then to share our results with others on our Facebook page (do it as a reply to this post). Last weekend we had some great photos submitted and I think this weekend’s challenges will give us even more variety and creativity.

The Assignment:

Challenge 1: Fill flash We often teach in our classes that using the flash even outside can have many benefits to our image quality. Therefore, for this first challenge, find some different subjects outside (maybe one in the shade and one in the sun) making sure you are within the effective distance of your flash (built-in flash around 10-12 feet). It is often best to use Program mode (P) outside with the flash and I would start at ISO 400. Take the same picture of the subject without and with the flash and submit your favorite example with both the before and after images.

Challenge 2: Shadows Find some various subjects where the shadows are really interesting to you. This will get us all look for some good sun and shadow options and then honing in on making the shadows the dominant part of our final image.

Hopefully these challenges will not only get us out and shooting but also help us to see things more creatively as we learn and grow. If you are not on Facebook, feel free to email me your top examples and I will post them with your name on them. Happy shooting!