Today's Photo Minute

Photographing the Moon

The Concept:

In this segment of Today’s Photo Minute, Brian Osborne gives some general information concerning equipment and setup to get followers ready to photograph the Supermoon in the coming days. In general, you need a camera with a telephoto lens (200-300mm and more is better), a tripod is ideal as well as a remote release (or you can use the self-timer) to minimize and shake of the camera while depressing the shutter.

The Assignment:

Photograph the Supermoon that will be taking place in the Charlotte area (skies permitting) from about 7pm and onward on April 7th. However, the moon on April 6th and the 8th is still about 98% full so you can practice on this or shoot it in case it is cloudy on the 7th. The camera settings are below as a great starting place and it will be fun to see everyone’s shots if you can share them on our Facebook page or email your favorite one to me to post.

Photo of supermoon with camera settings

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